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Who We Are

Our Roots

The Church of Christ that meets at 619 River Street welcomes you to worship the Lord with us.  We are here to serve God and to assist you in your walk with the Lord.  Christians who gather here are committed to learning more about God's plan of salvation and how to better to spread His message of hope and forgiveness.

We're all sinners, so everyone is welcome to come and hear more about why Christ died for our sins and how God wants you to live a happy life free from the penalty of sins.  Come join our Christian family at the River Street Church of Christ as we worship God together, uplifting and encouraging each other.  Visit us anytime !!!  It is always a pleasure serving the Lord alongside you.



Tel. 229.244.6811


1(848)220-3300 / ID 2446811

Mailing Address:

619 River Street 
Valdosta Ga. 31601



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May God's Peace Be With You

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